Autodesk Inventor Mold

September 29, 2008

As published earlier, Autodesk was developing a “plastic” version of Inventor. Now the first semi-official information about Autodesk Inventor Mold is being published.

The Autodesk LA Forum blog on Inventor (by Jeferson Stutz, in Portugese) reveals the information – see the original post. It is not clear whether Inventor Mold will come only to Latin America or whether it will be released worldwide. The Mold version will probably by a new, separate version of Inventor – not an additional part of any existing Suite pack (Inventor Professional).


Advanced Simulation for Inventor

September 28, 2008

Autodesk Labs has published a new application – Advanced Simulation Technology Preview. It extends the possibilities of the analysis functionality in Inventor 2009. This program is based on the PlassoTech technology acquired by Autodesk.

The Advanced Simulation application reads Inventor 3D models and performs linear and modal analysis of these models. You can change geometrical parameters of the model. The contacts in Inventor assemblies are automatically detected.

You can specify load forces for your models (Structural Constraint, Structural Load and Body Force). The simulation then calculates the output 3D mesh and displays the results.

You can download and try out the application from:

Mechanical Desktop – end of life

September 28, 2008

Now it seems that Mechanical Desktop is really at its end of life (see an older post). MDT 2009 should be the last released version – and this version will be available for download also to all users of future Inventor versions.

Future Inventor versions will be still able to import MDT data (DWG files) so you can reference and modify your past designs. Service packs, updates and support for MDT will be available for a couple of years.

I don’t think this burial will affect many users – almost all MDT users have already switched to Inventor or other modern 3D modeler.