Life in plastic it’s fantastic…

August 5, 2008

It is a pity I am not able to confirm this Barbie World lyrics citation. The yesterday released Inventor Plastic Features Technology Preview is unfortunately not available for Italy (only in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil and New Zealand?!).

This application – it looks like it is a separate Inventor version, not just an add-on – helps in designing plastic parts, thin-wall plastic products and their special features (ribs, grids…). You can install this tool (if you happen to live in other country than Italy) side by side with your Inventor 2009. It supports 3D models from Inventor but it uses its own file formats .labipt and .labiam.

This may be a separate development of Autodesk Labs or it may be a spin-off of the existing Inventor Mold application developed and currently sold in China.

Update Aug 6th: the Inventor Plastic web page has disappeared – it should be re-released later (hopefully for more countries)