Doodle a part and download it

October 23, 2007

Visual Search” is an interesting new technology introduced on the Autodesk Labs web. You just “doodle” a part or block you search for and the search engine finds similar parts. You can either sketch a simple geometry (shape) online, upload a 2D or 3D sample file (DWG, DXF, STL, IPT) or an existing raster image. You can then download the found blocks related to your graphical input.

I was not able to use the doodle tool (it has probably drawn in white color) but the whole concept sounds promising. The important question is about the scope of the final library you will search in.


Rebirth of Service Pack 1 for Inventor 2008

October 17, 2007

Today I have read Autodesk’s press information about the new SP1 for Inventor 2008. But looking for a new service pack I have found only the version of SP1 released about 3 months ago. So what is really new?

Probably only the press should be reassured that Inventor 2008 officially supports Windows Vista and nothing is new for us users.

Inventor 2009 – what comes next?

October 3, 2007

WorldCAD Access informs about some new functions that can be expected in Inventor 2009. This information was presented by Autodesk on the Media Summit. There will be probably a new plastic design and mold functionality (incl. plastic fill process). Inventor will sport a new user interface (an Office-like ribbon probably).

New functions are planned also for Autodesk Productstream – it should be integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint.

Memory hungry CAD should be fed properly

October 1, 2007

It was a confirmation of something I knew already but it really makes a difference – if your application is “memory-hungry”, feed it properly. It repays by increased performance.

We received one new HP workstation with 4GB of RAM. I experimentally installed Vista 64-bit and Inventor 2008. One of our larger assemblies loads in about 50 seconds on our older PC with 2GB RAM and Windows XP, plus it takes about 2 minutes (2:03) to fully regenerate its drawing views on a drawing sheet. On this new workstation it loads in 48 seconds – so more or less the same, but the regeneration speed is 1:18 only (78 seconds). I am pretty sure that the main performance driver is the RAM size – CPU is almost the same, Vista is about the same performance as WinXP, 64-bits do not accelerate things, graphics doesn’t count much on regens…

So while waiting for native 64-bit Inventor (Inventor 2009 ?) try a 64-bit OS and a workstation with 4GB RAM (there is no need to add more for Inventor 32-bit).