Inventor 2009 announced

February 17, 2008

At the Word Press Days last week, Autodesk has announced new family of CAD applications named “2009”, including the new Inventor 2009.

First – what is not new. Unlike the other AutoCAD-based applications, Inventor user interface is not based on the Ribbon (which is good from my point of view). The list of new and improved functions is huge – the PDF file describing the news has 20 pages of small text.

My most favorite new feature is the native 64-bit version of Inventor 2009 – so the RAM memory limits for large assemblies are gone now.

Many of the functions are related to sheet metal design. It is improved in many areas (corners, bends, flanges, seams, fasteners…). Handling of large assemblies is improved not only with the 64-bit version but also using assembly substitutes (simplified parts in assemblies) or using the faster SSE2 instruction set in Pentium 4 and AMD¬†CPUs. Inventor now contains translators for Solidworks, UGS and Pro/E files (probably based on the earlier Autodesk Labs translation modules). There are animated lights and camera paths in Inventor Studio. Content center and engineering calculators are extended.

Inventor geometry (both 2D and 3D) can be published to DWFx files which can be viewed without any viewer software. But Inventor 2009 can publish also to PDF files (2D).

The Inventor Professional 2009 version is enhanced with self-draining pipe runs, improved dynamic simulation and cable harnesses.

New version of Vault 2009 server is faster and allows separate Vault and Content Center servers/logins. You can specify License server timeouts for inactive users.