AutoCAD Inventor 2010 – new functions, new naming, new products

February 25, 2009
Inventor 2010 family

Inventor 2010 family

Autodesk has announced the new version of its flagship MCAD program Inventor 2010. Besides a couple of usual functional enhancements there are several surprises in the new release.

  1. The name – all “Suite” versions of Inventor 2010 are now called “AutoCAD Inventor”. This should indicate the inclusion of AutoCAD Mechanical in the Suite packages and many common features of AutoCAD and Inventor (DWG data format compatibility, user interface, the same parametrics…).
  2. The UI – the most noticeable change for existing users will be the new user interface – the context ribbon. You should be able to switch back to the old UI but do not condemn the ribbon before you try it – after all it seems to be really more effective and simple to use. In any case it looks much nicer. I like the no-document-open version of the ribbon with help and tutorial functions.
  3. New family members – Inventor Tooling Suite (Mold, for plastics) and Inventor LT Suite (with AutoCAD LT) are the new members of the AutoCAD Inventor 2010 family. Mold functions will be part of the Professional Suite. I don’t know what other “professional” functions (FEM, dynamics?) will be part of the Tooling Suite.
  4. Language packs – Inventor 2010 should be localizable by downloading additional language packs (e.g. like Vista). So we might be able to get the English Inventor and just download the Italian language pack for it.

Inventor 2010 should be available in April 2009.


Inventor Fusion — more information

February 5, 2009

There is a new and amazing information announced publicly to the Inventor Fusion project.

The official Inventor Fusion web site now lists the functionality of the upcoming Inventor Fusion application. The important feature of this tool is the integration (fusion) of the direct history-less modelling with the classic feature- and history-based parametric modelling. So you should able to start a parametric model, perform some quick changes using the quick and intuitive direct modelling, and put the resulting model back to the parametric state.

This sounds very promising, especially with all the 3D CAD formats supported in Inventor. Autodesk Inventor and the Inventor Fusion technology preview should eventually merge into a single product.

There are also several videos presenting the Inventor Fusion functionality. Worth watching.