Keep your Inventor up to date

January 28, 2008

Most of us probably keep our CAD software and Windows OS updated using the online services provided by the respective vendors (Microsoft Update, Autodesk Communication Center). But in Inventor, there is another mechanism which is updated rather frequently (cca 1x monthly) – the graphics cards database.

This database (technically a XML file) contains settings and tweaks for all known (Autodesk-known) graphics cards, trying to optimize their performance and display quality in Inventor. Remember that these settings are often bound not only to a specific card but rather to a specific version of the graphics driver. And as new types of graphics cards are introduced, new driver versions are being developed and of course as Autodesk polishes the settings – it is advisable to update your graphics card database to keep your graphics in Inventor smooth and clean.

So watch the web site and download the latest registry file for your Inventor version.


Free Inventor 3D parts

January 15, 2008

I have found a good source of Inventor parts and 3D DWG models I can use in my designs. The CAD Forum site in Czechoslovakia has a new section “Block Libraries” with over 2.000 blocks for download.

There are lots of IPT parts and DWG files which can be imported into Inventor. You can also upload your own models and parts.