Command line in Inventor

August 16, 2007

Did you know there is a command line in Inventor – similar to AutoCAD?

It is somewhat hidden in the options but you can switch it on and enter Inventor 2008 commands as two-character aliases. Personally, I am used to enter AutoCAD commands by name in AutoCAD command line, not by locating small icons cluttering my screen. I have not used this in Inventor because I thought it is not possible — yes, the Ctrl+KEY keyboard shortcuts are there but they are limited and hard to memorize. Now I am looking forward to define the same commands (same names) I use in AutoCAD¬†as Inventor aliases. I will be faster in Inventor, you bet.

Learn more in this CAD Forum Inventor tip


Freewheel with ShareNow

August 5, 2007

The Autodesk Freewheel web can display DWF files published from Inventor, AutoCAD or other CAD software. You don’t need any viewer software, just your Internet browser.

This Freewheel service has now several new functions which go beyond just viewing. It starts with publishing.  The ShareNow utility installs in Inventor or AutoCAD and adds the ShareNow button to the menu. This automates the DWF publishing process to a single click Рyour Inventor assembly or drawing is converted to DWF, the DWF file is uploaded to Freewheel and displayed in your Internet browser. But you can not only view it Рnow there are also markup functions, plus you can share your viewing and markup session with selected users on the Internet.

The web has more information for you.

Squeeze Inventor parts

August 5, 2007

I have learned a neat trick how to make Inventor parts (IPT) smaller and faster to load. You probably know the red cross marker “End of part” (EOP) displayed in the model tree (model browser). You can drag this marker with your mouse and drop it at the very top of the tree. Now save your model.

All the modelling features will be grayed out and your model will be initially not displayed in assemblies. The IPT file size will be much smaller, there will be no preview stored in the file and this file will load much faster (consuming less memory).