With Autodesk Inventor, you’ll get 10+ more programs

July 25, 2007

You may have noticed it – installing Inventor is much more thank installing a single inventor.exe application. There are lot more programs installed with the default installation of Autodesk Inventor and lots of other programs installable from its distribution DVDs.

I have counted 12 larger .EXE programs (not counting special service-type applications) which are delivered with Inventor 2008:

  • Inventor (inventor.exe)
  • Inventor View (inventorview.exe)
  • Multi-Sheet Plot (msp.exe)
  • Design Assistant (dtdv.exe)
  • Task Scheduler (taskscheduler.exe)
  • Vault (ADMS Server, Explorer, Office client, Backup…)
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • AutoCAD
  • SQL Express server
  • Design Review (DWF)
  • DWG Viewer

So don’t stop at Inventor itself when exploring new functions of your Inventor Suite or Professional package. Especially with Vault – there are lots of other gems hidden in the package.


Drop anything into Inventor

July 20, 2007

The Translator module not only enhances the file format list in the Inventor’s Open command. With the Translator module installed Inventor knows how to process all dropped files. Just drag-and-drop .sldprt, .x_t, .g or any other of the supported files in Inventor window – it is read in and opened. Very nice!

Inventor 2008 now reads also Solidworks files

July 17, 2007

Autodesk has added support of Solidworks .sldprt and .sldasm file format to Inventor 2008 and Inventor LT.

With the updated Translator module available as “technology preview” on labs.autodesk.com you can add Solidworks, Pro/E, Granite, UG-NX and Parasolid files to your Inventor 2008. The Solidworks format was added today to this module. You can work with Solidoworks file formats 2003 up to 2007.

Service Pack 1 for Inventor 2008

July 11, 2007

SP1 for Inventor 2008 (31MB) can be downloaded from the Autodesk web site. It seems to be a rather rushed release, some users in newsgroups complain about known problems not being fixed in SP1.

I have downloaded and installed the SP1 without problems.

SP1 also makes Inventor 2008 officially compatible with Windows Vista.

Inventor is much faster than Solidworks, Pro/E, Catia

July 11, 2007

Today I have received an interesting performance benchmark comparing Inventor with other major mechanical CAD applications. It claims Inventor to be 2-4x faster than Catia, 2-4x (up to 20x) faster than UG NX, 3.6x faster than Solidworks and 1.5x faster than Pro/Engineer Wildfire. Inventor also consumes less memory – e.g. half of the memory resources needed for CATIA or Pro/E Wildfire for the same assembly.

The tests were performed on a set of parts and assemblies ranging from 100 parts up to 4879 part instances and on patterns with 4000 features. See the full performance benchmark report (PDF).

I would say that any 3D modeler is considered too slow and too RAM hungry by its users – especially on larger data sets. And even if it won’t help, it is good to know that other software is probably even slower.

Inventor 2008 vs. Inventor R2

July 10, 2007

There is an interesting article in the german blog Inventor FAQ comparing an old Inventor 2.0 with the latest version 2008. The user interface screens do not differ that much – of course the new version offers lots of new functions and I cannot imagine working with such limited version. The first time I have seen Inventor was in the version 5 and it was much more mature than this.

The main difference between the old and current versions of Inventor is in the number of modules and applications delivered with it – MDT, Vault, Content Center, SQL, etc. This reflects also in the size of the installation media and disk size of Inventor files:

  • Installation: AI2.0 = 234MB x AIP2008 = 6000MB
  • Inventor folder on disk: AI2.0 = 206MB x AIP2008 = 1960MB