Inventor 2011 with Fusion propulsion released

March 30, 2010

Inventor 2011

Inventor 2011

It’s here! The new Inventor 2011 has been released exactly one year and one day after the version 2010. The version 2011 looks like one of the bigger upgrades in the Inventor history – it is packed with very interesting new features.

I will mention some of the new functions which I most like.

If you have a good graphics card, you can work in a fully rendered 3D scene – all with shadows, bumps and reflections (see the picture above). Most editing operations can be performed with direct manipulations and small in-place menus which were probably taken from Alias. This has the potential for a single most productivity increase function in Inventor 2011. These direct manipulations do not mean the direct editing which is part of the Inventor Fusion – now included in Inventor 2011 and integrated into its part editor workflow. You can make smooth surface models with the NURBS editing functions of Alias Design for Inventor. Simulations now include frame constructions and mold forms. Inventor uses a common rendering material library with AutoCAD and Revit. You can work with CATIA V5 and V4 files in Inventor 2011. iLogic is a product configurator with very flexible functions for making similar models just by changing a couple of parameters.

You can find more new functions in the version 2011 in the What’s new document by Autodesk.