Solidworks 2009 vs. Inventor 2009

Last weekend I have met my school-mate Sergio who is currently working with Solidworks. It was a good opportunity to play a favourite “who is better” game. He proudly presented the new Solidworks 2009 (“SWX 2009” as he writes) but I have seen amazingly many similarities to the Inventor 2009 version.

  • Performance – I cannot judge as he was using a different hardware configuration than me, but Sergio has admitted that the promised performance gain is not that great
  • New icons – same as in Inventor: not that much important for us users
  • 64-bit version – Inventor has it already
  • SpeedPak – assembly simplification – looked interesting, in Inventor we are using LOD and other similar functions
  • Geometry sensors in assemblies – it is called AutoLimits in Inventor (already there)
  • BOM in assemblies – Inventor has it for many releases
  • Filters in BOM – Inventor has it
  • Dual dimensions – Inventor has it
  • Assemblies larger than 1000m – I doubt many designers will need it but I have tried it in Inventor and it works there, no problems
  • CircuitWorks – electrical functionality – some of the functions are there in Inventor Pro, much more is in AutoCAD Electrical
  • Ribbon cables – already there in Inventor Pro 2009

There seems to be nothing new about the DWG. DWG file format compatibility is still very limited in Solidworks. And although Sergio claimed it works for him in most cases, we have digged out a couple of DWG files which were loaded incompletely into Solidworks’ DWG Editor but loaded smoothly into Inventor.


4 Responses to Solidworks 2009 vs. Inventor 2009

  1. soliddna says:

    Hi All

    Functions mention in both can be found in Solid Edge also for years…

    Take a look, they all not review but with time i might cover everything

  2. madmaxman says:


    SolidWorks had 64 bit in 2007 & 2008. Not new to 2009. SolidWorks has always had dual dimensions. How long has your friend Sergio been on SolidWorks? How long have you been on inventor? Do a comparison side by side with all features offered. Not just a few. Sheet Metal, Molding, Weldments, etc.

  3. 3dcad says:

    Hi madmaxman,
    I have personally rather old experience with SolidWorks when we evaluated SolidWorks and Inventor (and chose Inventor for its features and compatibility). I have no details about the 64-bit version of SolidWorks but they are known to announce features “too early” – remember the loud “first Vista CAD” announcements of SolidWorks 2007 (which proved to be unusable in Vista).

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