Inventor 2009 loads faster than version 2008

Jurgen Wagner has tested the load times of a real-life Inventor assembly with 881 components – first on a clean Inventor 2008 installation and then on a clean Inventor 2009 installation (on the same PC – HP notebook nw9440, in WinXP, with 3GB RAM).

The times (from launching to an editable state) are as follows:

  • Inventor 2008: 5 minutes
  • Inventor 2009: 2 minutes

I have not performed any formal testing but I can confirm that Inventor 2009 loads noticeably faster.

In my opinion many complaints about new software versions being slower have other causes. E.g. later installation on a PC may suffer from disk fragmentation, newer and more aggressive antivirus software may be loaded, performance tweaking (graphics, temp files, undo…) was not yet done on the new version. But yes – sometimes the newer versions are just slower. Not the case of Inventor 2009.


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