Top 10 Christmas wishes for Inventor

AUGI has presented the results of the latest “user wishes” voting for Inventor. Unlike the previous votings, this one makes sense for me – most wishes are good to be granted in next versions of Inventor (I think it is too late to add anything to the Inventor 2009 feature list).

  1. Ability to Retain Constraints In Assemblies Submitted by Peter Brodt — well, yes
  2. True 64 Bit Inventor Submitted by Gary Harrison — a must!
  3. Show the “other” source of constraint conflicts. Submitted by Xavier Venisse — could help
  4. Hole on Side of Cylinder Submitted by Jon Selzer — a minor one
  5. More Detailed Error messages Submitted by Kendred Cooper — always helps
  6. Spelling Checker Submitted by Tony Fisher — a minor one
  7. Add Workpoint at Center of Mass Submitted by Matt Dykhouse — long overdue
  8. Add Quadrant Snap Submitted by D Beaty — good one
  9. Be able to use ESC Key To Cancel any Command Submitted by Rob Saunders — would be logical
  10. Different Extrude dimension for bi-directional extrudes Submitted by Cor de Vlaming — a minor one for me

I would add some other wishes – e.g. conversion from/to other file formats, better text formating/editor and easier installation.


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