Memory hungry CAD should be fed properly

It was a confirmation of something I knew already but it really makes a difference – if your application is “memory-hungry”, feed it properly. It repays by increased performance.

We received one new HP workstation with 4GB of RAM. I experimentally installed Vista 64-bit and Inventor 2008. One of our larger assemblies loads in about 50 seconds on our older PC with 2GB RAM and Windows XP, plus it takes about 2 minutes (2:03) to fully regenerate its drawing views on a drawing sheet. On this new workstation it loads in 48 seconds – so more or less the same, but the regeneration speed is 1:18 only (78 seconds). I am pretty sure that the main performance driver is the RAM size – CPU is almost the same, Vista is about the same performance as WinXP, 64-bits do not accelerate things, graphics doesn’t count much on regens…

So while waiting for native 64-bit Inventor (Inventor 2009 ?) try a 64-bit OS and a workstation with 4GB RAM (there is no need to add more for Inventor 32-bit).


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