With Autodesk Inventor, you’ll get 10+ more programs

You may have noticed it – installing Inventor is much more thank installing a single inventor.exe application. There are lot more programs installed with the default installation of Autodesk Inventor and lots of other programs installable from its distribution DVDs.

I have counted 12 larger .EXE programs (not counting special service-type applications) which are delivered with Inventor 2008:

  • Inventor (inventor.exe)
  • Inventor View (inventorview.exe)
  • Multi-Sheet Plot (msp.exe)
  • Design Assistant (dtdv.exe)
  • Task Scheduler (taskscheduler.exe)
  • Vault (ADMS Server, Explorer, Office client, Backup…)
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • AutoCAD
  • SQL Express server
  • Design Review (DWF)
  • DWG Viewer

So don’t stop at Inventor itself when exploring new functions of your Inventor Suite or Professional package. Especially with Vault – there are lots of other gems hidden in the package.


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