Inventor 2008 vs. Inventor R2

There is an interesting article in the german blog Inventor FAQ comparing an old Inventor 2.0 with the latest version 2008. The user interface screens do not differ that much – of course the new version offers lots of new functions and I cannot imagine working with such limited version. The first time I have seen Inventor was in the version 5 and it was much more mature than this.

The main difference between the old and current versions of Inventor is in the number of modules and applications delivered with it – MDT, Vault, Content Center, SQL, etc. This reflects also in the size of the installation media and disk size of Inventor files:

  • Installation: AI2.0 = 234MB x AIP2008 = 6000MB
  • Inventor folder on disk: AI2.0 = 206MB x AIP2008 = 1960MB

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