DWG TrueConnect Object Enablers

As I have just learned from my favorite CAD Forum site, Autodesk has released DWG TrueConnect Object Enablers allowing to open and edit native Inventor 2008 DWG files in AutoCAD 2007 and older. We have now some cooperating companies using older AutoCADs and AutoCAD Mechanical so it may be benefical to give them our DWG files from Inventor.

You don’t need this Enabler for AutoCAD 2008 or AutoCAD Mechanical 2008 as it is already included in them from Autodesk. Without this enabler you cannot manipulate (delete, insert, edit) the Inventor view blocks in Inventor DWG files – they are proxies only. Don’t be surprised, an Inventor DWG have an empty modelspace – the drawing sheet is in the paperspace (layout).


One Response to DWG TrueConnect Object Enablers

  1. […] der 3DCAD Blog schreibt, ist der DWG True Connect Object Enabler für ACAD 2007 verfügbar. Dieser Object Enabler erlaubt […]

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