Seen a Demo of Inventor 2008

I have seen a demo of a prerelease version of Inventor 2008 and I must admit – I was impressed. There are so many new features. By the way, the demo was done on Windows Vista and despite I cannot give an exact performance comparison, all run very smoothly.

The first thing I have noticed are the new toolbar icons. Only then I realized how ugly are the old icons in Inventor 11. A very good thing are the keyboard command aliases – like in AutoCAD, you can now type in Inventor commands.

A major new feature is the DWG format for drawing views, Autodesk calls it DWG TrueConnect. You can still use IDW or choose to use directly DWG files for Inventor drawings. They are still associative to the 3D model. These DWG files should survive post-editing in AutoCAD so it opens new and simpler workflows for production documents.

There are lots of sheetmetal improvements (sheetmetal is not important for me). What is important and useful for me are the Design Accelerators – I like most the Roller chain generator. The STEP export/import now should be faster – probably is but I have not done any benchmarks and it is now possible to export surfaces to STEP.

Already looking forward to April 🙂


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