DWF works well for us

Me and my collegues are often communicating our CAD data with other vendors and our customers. They are using both Autodesk and non-Autodesk CAD software and no CAD software at all so it is not always easy to agree on a file format for data sharing.

Traditionally we have used DWG, DXF, SAT and PDF. Lately we have very good experience with DWF. The main problem with it is to force the partner to install the DWF viewer. But then DWF offers impressive functions – our customers like best the live sections performed on Inventor 3D models. This cannot be done with other methods of sending CAD data. On the other hand the function which is missed mostly is measuring – both in 2D and in 3D DWFs. I understand that this function is in the Design Review program but we can hardly force our customers to buy a special program to view our data.

We have decided to convert our old PDF archives to the DWF format. This was done with the Autodesk DWF Writer installed as a printer in Windows. We have just printed the PDF files from Acrobat Reader to this “DWF printer”. Quite easy.


2 Responses to DWF works well for us

  1. scottsh says:

    If you use the Project Freewheel Viewer, http://dwfit.com, then you will not have to force the partner to install the Autodesk DWF Viewer. Project Freewheel lets people view design data without installing any additional software. They just use their browser.

  2. 3dcad says:

    We know this online service. It is impressive in terms of technology (especially the 3D orbit) but it doesn’t solve off-line viewing of DWF data and it is still slower than a normal Windows application interface.

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